Wisconsin Attorney General Calls for Red Flag Laws & Universal Background Checks

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Articles from Wisconsin Newspapers:

Wisconsin’s new AG calls for red flag gun law

Evers joins Kaul in supporting ‘red flag’ disarmament law

“Wispolitics.com reported Monday that Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said he was “open to the idea” of the “red flag” law in Wisconsin but was concerned about the scope being too broad.

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Government Warns Of Historic, Widespread Flooding “Through May” – Food Prices To Skyrocket As 1000s Of Farms Are Destroyed

At this moment, millions of acres of farmland are already underwater. Thousands of farmers are not going to be able to plant crops this year and…
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Raise the Age Act would ban semi-automatic weapon sales to those under 21, up from 18 currently

Under current law, one has to be 21 to purchase a handgun, but only 18 to purchase a semi-automatic assault rifle. This discrepancy was highlighted when last year’s 19-year-old Parkland, Florida high…
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Yet they want 16 year olds to vote! 😡

Free Chelsea Manning! – The New Dark Age

On Friday, a federal judge ordered the courageous whistle-blower Chelsea Manning imprisoned for refusing to testify before a secret grand jury that is drawing up fabricated charges against WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange on behalf of the Trump administration. In a savage action, the judge sentenced Manning to remain in jail until she purged her contempt…
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