Why the ban on nicotine vape fluid will do more harm than good

Why the ban on nicotine vape fluid will do more harm than good

Last week the federal government’s Office of Drug Control announced changes to the importation of nicotine-containing electronic cigarette fluids that will seriously affect the estimated 227,000 regular e-cigarette users in Australia.

From January 1, 2021, users will no longer be allowed to import nicotine-containing fluids for use in e-cigarettes, even if they have a prescription. The measures, which were initially set to come into force on July 1, 2020, are in addition to the existing domestic ban on sales of these products.

Hemp activists set sights globally in new push for collaboration

Hemp activists set sights globally in new push for collaboration

Europe’s dominant hemp industry association unveiled plans this week to form an international hemp association that could advocate for the industry before global authorities such as the World Health Organization and United Nations.

George Lucas Is Fandom Menace

Disney Star Wars is Dumb

That’s right George Lucas thinks Disney Star Wars Is Dumb too.

'Star Wars: the Force Awakens' - 16 Dec 2015 “He’s got all the ideas.” ~JJ Abrams

According to this Reddit post:

Bob released his book “The Ride of a Lifetime: LESSONS LEARNED FROM 15 YEARS AS CEO OF THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY” today and within it he openly discusses the difficult process of securing the massive acquisition deals of Pixar, Marvel, and of course Lucasfilm. He does not hold back at all and is very open about conflicts like Feige v Perlmutter, firing his ex-Film Studio Chief, the inner-workings of each deal and the relevant part for this sub, George Lucas’ involvement in the Force Awakens. It’s a very thorough look tbh and I do recommend people purchase it (ebook is $15) if they want all the details, especially about how Iger and Lucas formulated the sale.

On George sending his outlines for the Sequel…

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